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Wednesday 20th – Saturday 23rd April 2016

7th Biennial SURVEILLANCE & SOCIETY CONFERENCE: “Power, performance and trust”


Organized by the Surveillance Studies Network and Eticas Research & Innovation


Surveillance in the 21st Century is characterised by performance, risk scoring, ubiquitous data collection and analysis, algorithms as well as intersecting and blurring power relations. As such surveillance increasingly becomes an integral part of everyday life and professional environments, symbolised by concepts such as the smart city, industry 4.0, smart homes and wearable computing. These new sorting and controlling practices will prompt new forms of visibility, new modes of power, as well as unintended consequences and cumulative disadvantages.

Scholars and other concerned individuals face numerous questions: How will these new emerging cultures of surveillance interact with democracy, society and citizenship? What impacts and interdependencies can be observed? How should societies respond to these practices? How do people cope with current features and practices as well as with the historical legacies of surveillance regimes? What role does surveillance play in social theories?

Contributions include a wide range of approaches to surveillance analysis under the following topics, among other: Global Surveillance, Identity and Migration, Borders, Intelligence, Body Cams, NSA, Health, Trust and Surveillance, Privacy, Security, Big Data, CCTV, Education, Social Media, Criminal Justice, Policing, Visibility, State, Art and Film, Drones, Mobility, Quantified Self and Theory.

  • The SSN conference welcome session will take place on Wednesday 20th of April (afternoon).
  • On Thursday 21st, a plenary session will be held at 9AM and there will be parallel sessions from 11AM until the evening.
  • On Fridayparallel sessions will be held from 9AM until 6.30PMOscar Gandy’s keynote is scheduled at 7PM.
  • The closing session will take place on Saturday after the morning panels and parallel sessions.